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You will likely already know how competitive offline dating can be for guys… Go to any club or bar and the ratio will not be in your favour. Unfortunately it’s not much better online so any tips you can find on increasing your response rate and effectiveness will be well worth it.

These #10 online dating tips for men brought to you by PL are essential tips for any guy looking to find women online.

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 Tips 1-2


Your profile is really crucial to your online dating success – you of course will know that by now but most guys are not sure how to get their profile to a point where it uniquely expresses who they are.

Avoid generic and negative phrases at all costs. Even if you are low right now and desperately need a women in your life this will not help you chances. It’s not lying to simply leave out certain information.

Tell The Truth

Unless you are a faker and a poser: It is in your best interest to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. You are going to meet her in real life “hopefully” so when she finds out you have flaming red hair she might freak out “even though gingers do have souls” ;-)

I always say if you have to it’s ok to leave out certain information at the start rather than posting it and bending the truth. Be honest from the start and you will get the most out of the experience.

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 Tips 3-4

Good Spotting

Unless your nuts and looking for a fling at Ashley Madison you will want to steer clear of married women. Apparently 25% of online daters are married! Best advice here is to use common sense. Don’t chat to people unless they have a profile picture and ask for a recent one. Spot abnormalities in profile information by paying close attention to what was posted and what they are telling you.

Know What You Want

As a man the one thing you DON’T want to be is indecisive. Often times this hesitancy is in our nature but you need to be consciously aware of what you want as a man.

This decisiveness is a symbol of power and confidence: know what you are looking for in a women, know when to say NO, know which dating site best suits you. By setting up clear boundaries from the start you will find your online dating experience won’t be “messy” and you will find the kind of women you are looking for rather than a vague selection of half pie hopefuls.

Knowing what dating service will give you the best results: There are alternatives available to you… You just need to be aware of them. Most guys are unaware of that fact that dating sites are different. Dating , Fing, Matchmaking, Personals are all keywords or buzz phrases used in the online dating industry but do you know what they mean?

The #5 types of online dating services : General – Post a profile and view all other profiles posted. Very general dating site.
Relationship Services Serious professional services intent on finding you love or marriage e.g lifemates or eHarmony to some degree – female ratio is usually much higher to the context or the service.

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 Tips 5-7
Social Networks Arguably not dating sites at all but are growing in popularity due to the free nature and mass appeal. E.g myspace, facebook,orkut Niche Niche sites are growing in popularity and are a great idea. Crazy about staying fit? Single Parent? Large in “body mass”
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    Fling If you understand the motivation behind whats on your mind then you can hit up a site like benaughty and get it over and done with fast. Completely different to eHarmony usually with a low female ratio


    Understand that women are taking a bigger risk than you are. Meeting for the first time, especially for women will be a scary experience. Make it easy for her and suggest an open public setting with friends. This will heighten her trust in you and smooth out the online to offline transition.

    Be safe online: Trust your instinct , Video chat online before meeting offline, Use paid dating and matchmaking sites.

    Good Spotting

    The concept of success with online dating doesn't end with getting a date. Your actual date is going to shape the other person's opinion more than anything else to date. Thus it's important that you make a great first impression. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Be confident on your date. Confidence is one of the biggest attractions you can posses.

    Learn some great first date tips by reading the following Online Dating Magazine articles: 10 Tips to Getting a Second Date and Beyond | 10 Important Dating Tips for Men | First Date Do's and Don'ts.

    Profile Picture

    Humans are tuned to respond to images and faces. Post recent honest pictures of yourself doing cool fun things. Rather than you tarting into the camera how about a picture of you playing with your dog? Women love pets so why not play the empathy card. Use any travel pictures you have to indicate you get out of the house and are interesting.

    These are all great conversation starters with easy initial barriers to entry. The women does not have to introduce herself but instead just mention how cool your dog is. She is really interested in you but this indirect conversation works great to break the ice.

    Best post about profile pictures with real stats from okcupid, you will be surprised as to the success of the famous shirtless male body shot.

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    Online Communication

    As guys we have got it really easy now. Online dating communication has made it so simple to introduce ourselves to hot new women.

    Keep your introductory email as open and friendly as you can. Get to know as much about her as you can from her profile and ask specific questions about her hobbies. Compliment physical attributes subtlety.

    It’s Not A Job

    Don’t get addicted to this stuff. Understand that you are online to find a partner – once you have, get out of their and live your life with them. A growing number of men are using online dating as an outlet for attention on sexual emotion. They sign up with multiple accounts date multiple women then leave them for dead without calling. These men emotionally weak and require constant dating with several women to bolster their self worth.

    Do not become one of these men.

    Be Respectful

    The more respectful and courteous you are with people the better they will respond to your advance. The anonymous nature of the internet is no excuse to be rude – introduce yourself, use please and thankyou and excuse yourself when you finish chatting. We tend to forget out manners at the best of times – you will be surprised how far they take you.

  • Disappear from chat without explaining why
  • Use blasphemy
  • Lie
  • Overuse text symbols unless you understand who you are talking to (they get it)
  • Insult others

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